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About Us

My name is NEKTARIA and I have been a cat breeder since 2001.

At first we started breeding the Maine Coons. Actually we were the pioneers of breeding this wonderful breed in Greece and we keep on still breeding them.
As long as I remember myself there has always been a pet in my life. As I was growing, I started activating about the stray animals in my country. I became an active member of the stray animals association of my area, taking care and adopting abandoned or ill animals.
We live in a house over 200 qm which is renovated so as our beloved animals live comfortably and sanitarily. Our cats can run happily in our garden through tunnels in specific areas we have made for them. There, they can enjoy fresh air and the Mediterranean sun.
Since we believe in miracles God brought the Somali and Abyssinian breed on our way.

After 13 years of breeding we fell in love with the Somalis. Me and my daughter, Christina, decided that this is an amazing breed to bring in Greece. We loved them before we even imported our first Somali kittens.
Now we have them here, at home and we realize that we made the best choice.
Now we will just let you admire these very beautiful cats that are the first to be brought to Greece.
For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our cats live free at home without cages, with access to the garden in fenced and secure areas. In this way they can enjoy the sun and nature and there is no risk, as poisoning, collision, and attack.

Our cats fed with best foods (grain free) and raw meat which love it !!

Our cats are constantly under medical surveillance of our  veterinarian, Mrs Floriana Darzenta.

* All our kittens sold under contract adoption.

* They are ready for their new home in the 15th to 16th week of birth already neutered.

* They have done the necessary vaccines, microchiped, and wormed .

* We are members of  Felina Greece WCF   https://www.felinagreece.gr/   and issue you WCF pedigree.

* We reserve the right to learn about our kittens and to send us photos periodically in order to are informed for their development.

* We are always there for any questions and information.